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Why a Career as Web Developers is Beneficial

Take a moment to consider where you are most likely to turn in order to find answers to a wide variety of questions you may have–like how to find the best prices for a hotel vacation, the best restaurant in a specific town, the lowest prices on home appliances, the most reputable web developer in Ibadan, the showtimes for recently released movies, and much, much more. Chances are you thought of one source that will answer any of these questions, and many others, quite easily: the Internet. And chances are that many......

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how to transfer photo

ScanTransfer is a freeware tool that quickly transfers photos, videos and other documents from the mobile phone to the PC via the WLAN in a practical way: scanning a QR-code. All you need to transfer photos and videos is a smart phone, a computer and a Wi-Fi network. Then everything goes lightning fast and if you want, the photos could be compressed at the same time. ScanTransfer probably offers the simplest way to transfer any photo or video files from a smart phone to a desktop PC. There are several ways to copy photos from a......

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Broken Phone

TeamViewer Helped Me Recover Data From a Broken Phone and It Could Help You Too A few days ago, I did something incredibly stupid – I tripped, and dropped my phone face-first onto a hard tiled floor. After years of keeping phones free of scratches despite not using cases, I managed to completely slam the phone into the ground. While the screen itself survived the fall – it’s amazing what you can accomplish with Gorilla Glass – the display itself wasn’t so lucky. Some internal components were clearly damaged, and the left side of......

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artificial intelligence

Facebook is using Artificial Intelligence to scan your posts for suicidal thoughts The software engages in proactive detection and could alert authorities about problems before users report them. If you’re going through a difficult time, Facebook wants to help. Its artificial intelligence software can now use pattern recognition to scan Facebook posts and live videos for suicidal thoughts....

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online shopping

Top 10 Benefits of Online Shopping That Make Your Life Easy Advantages of Online Shopping The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores. What are some reasons that many people love online shopping and why is it so popular? Below are my top ten reasons for shopping online....

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WhatsApp delete for everyone feature: 7 things you must know before using

Whatsapp recently rolled out its delete for everyone feature. The feature will enable users to delete messages they sent by mistake to someone. The feature works for both individual and group chats. Here’s all that you need to know about the mint-fresh delete for everyone feature of WhatsApp. Available on Android and iOS The delete for everyone feature is available for both Android and iOS users. In order to access the feature, users need to update their WhatsApp messenger....

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