Inventory Management System

DISS is a complete inventory software that makes you run your business with great ease and gives you the complete power on your business. With DISS, your physical presence will not be necessary anymore before you can fully monitor your business. We presently offer 14days free trial period for interested buyers to use this application and see if it would sooth the buyer’s needs.

Key part of Inventory Management System

Inventory or stocks are the lifeline and constitute brand image of any company or business. Beginning from the manufacturing stage to the tracking of products and parts during their transportation from vendor to warehouse, between the warehouses and then to retail location or directly to the customer. An Inventory Management Software is a computer based system software to keep track on inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.

The features of  DISS are structured to make you run your store efficiently and profitably with ease, these features include:

  • General
    • Easy to use, It can be easily operated that you do not need to be computer literate before you can use it
    • Goods can be sold in different packages and at different prices i.e. you can sell Goods in retail, wholesale, pack, carton etc at different prices
    • Sell Goods at any desired price without changing the set price
    • Your Goods can be separated into 2 different stores
    • Goods can be grouped and sub grouped
    • Computers can be assigned to groups
    • Easy access to Goods prices
    • Handles Expiry of perishable Goods
    • Discount can be giving
    • VAT can be paid
    • Handles money tendered and change
    • Printable receipts on POS printer and normal printer
    • Allows inputting payment made to the bank
    • Alerts when selling at or below cost price
    • Know the total value of your store
    • Barcode scanning enabled
    • Sell Goods with serial number inputted


    • You can easily edit your stock
    • Set reorder levels for Goods
    • Easy access to Goods that is below reorder level
    • Know Goods that are out of stock
    • Know Goods below a desired number
    • Tabulate all your stock
    • Mark up prices with purchase prices by percentage or fixed value
    • Input customers’ name on receipts
    • Keep customers’ record


    • Know your sales for any desired period of time
    • Know the sales of any Goods for any desired period
    • Know your profit for any desired period
    • Know the amount sold by your attendants for any period of time
    • Know the amount of Goods bought by your customer for any period of time
    • Receipts can be reprinted
    • Goods can be returned


    • Keep record of Goods you bought into your store
    • Easy to retrieve purchases details


    • Create user account for your attendants and employees
    • Edit user account
    • Delete Users
    • Grant specified functions to different users


    • Keep record of your bank accounts and transaction
    • Handles all expenditures you make in your store
    • Logs activities done in your store
    • Fix maximum discount that can be given
    • Easily order Goods that need restocking
    • Easily view Goods ordered
    • Temporarily work without the presence of the server computer
    • Uploads activities done without the server computer when the server computer is available
    • Allows selling on credit to some customer
    • Keeps records of debtors and keeps the records of debtors payment
    • Keeps records of your creditors (records of Goods you buy on credit)
    • Keeps the record of payments to your creditors


    • Access to the application can only be granted by authorized persons
    • Your data can only be available on authorized computers
    • Only authorized persons can input without connection to the server

    Database Back up

    • Automated back up on all computers using DISS
    • You can manually back up database on to any storage device

Your Purchase Consists Of:

14days free trial period for interested buyers to use this application

24/7 phone support

Free Team Viewer follow-up

Why Inventory Management Software is important:

The Manufacturing industry can utilize it to generate work orders and bills of materials. Regular usage of inventory management software can keep check on overstocking of product and outages. Inventory data can be organized in an ‘easy to access and operate way’ and the old method of maintaining data in the form of lengthy spreadsheets can be shunned completely.

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