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True Christian Online Courting Relationship Building

Marriage is an institution ordained of God almighty for all mankind across cultures and location, creed and color but multitudes across cultures and location, creed and color have been completely defeated in getting the ‘right’ partner, resulting in the highest rates of unhappiness in marriage in the history of man, to date! A lot of victims of broken marital vows have confessed to very poor judgment at the point of choice for many reasons, especially owing to ‘environmental’ pressures which limited their choices! This has also adversely affected Christians. The situation desperately begs for redress.

Many true Christian singles, for a good number of reasons are no longer able to openly present themselves up for marital partners, especially the older or more mature circumstantial singles and many who even want to, are handicapped for many reasons too, especially bordering on grave limitations to open socializing as well as limitations in the available suitable opportunities or acceptable platforms for the same purpose. Being true righteous singles of high spiritual offices or responsibilities, extra care has to be taken not to be misconstrued to be ‘flirting’ while the whole gamut of socializing to attract suitable partners remains a distasteful and discouraging spirit-sapping experience for many!



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