AboutThe Client

Delight Global Group of Schools is committed to:

  • Providing recognised international educational programmes through the National Curriculum  to enable students to gain access to excellent universities.
  • Incorporating the local culture and language in teaching and learning to foster integration.
  • Providing personalised learning while recognizing the individual needs of each student.
  • Encouraging creative and critical thinking.
  • Identifying gifts and talents of the individual child and nurturing them.
  • Encouraging the development of the holistic student through participation in the arts, sports, technology, dance and music.
  • Providing a broad, balanced, interconnected curriculum and co-curricular programme for an outstanding learning experience.
  • Providing outstanding learning and excellent pastoral care in a safe, secure and enriching environment.
  • Regular communication with parents, valuing their feedback.
  • Educating students to imbibe the culture of respect; for self, for one another and the environment, ultimately leading to service to humanity.
  • Providing academic and active learning experiences through local and international excursions to encourage responsible global citizenship.
  • Providing opportunities to understand and celebrate diverse cultures and countries of the world.
  • Inculcating in its students the importance of serving the community to which they belong with resultant effect of improving the global community.
  • Providing opportunities for less privileged students.
  • Provision of purpose-built facilities and highly qualified staff.
  • Continual reviews of its governance, teaching and learning relationship with parents to evaluate performance against international best practice.
  • Promoting internationalism by recruiting staff from different nationalities.
  • The moral, social and spiritual development of its students



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