AboutThe Client


INDEPTH ASSOCIATES LTD is a full service construction firm, delivering effective building solutions to clients through design build, general contracting and construction management methods. We provide complete architectural engineering services as well as service teams which deliver specialized facility maintenance, steel and home modification services. We utilize cutting-edge design and communication technology to deliver creative, sustainable and cost effective solutions from office to field.

We design, build, finance, operate and manage projects

We are a consortium of professionals in Environmental Engineering, Building and Civil Engineering, Superversion and Management. The vision behind the establishment of INDEPTH ASSOCIATES LT is borne out of the aggressive desire of the Partners and workers invovled to see what they can offer the generalty of the human race out of the secular salary structure. To this effect every hand in the company is a Partner irresptive of his/her position. The company is incorporated in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission and has executed various projects for both private and puiblic clients. We have also worked as sub-contractors for Major Engineering Companies in parts of Nigeria. We are capable of mobilizing to work anywhere in Nigeria if given the opportunity.



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